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Quick Summary

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Ludos Protocol is looking to create a decentralized gaming community that encourages crowdfunding and building on the platform.


  • Ludos will allow games to operate on their own sidechains, improving the scalability of the platform.
  • Incentivizing active users could help strengthen the platform’s ecosystem and possibly encourage new users to join the platform.

  • Cons

  • Ludos may not be able to distinguish itself from ICOs with similar goals.
  • Platform users could get discouraged by ICOs on the platform that are not successful.

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    Investment Information:

    • How to invest: For information on how to participate in the Ludos token sale, visit the website.
    • Eligibility: US is restricted
    • Payments Accepted: BTC, ETH

    Market: 3.5

    • Ludos is hoping to solve issues in the market regarding the centralization of the market, inefficiencies of crowdfunding platforms, ineffective distribution channels, lack of variety, and low main chain efficiency.
    • The project intends to bring value to the market through its multi-sidechain technology and its decentralized gaming community that will facilitate game investment and incubation, in addition to digital asset trading.
    • Ludos will primarily be facing competition from like-minded ICOs.
    • Digi-Capital reports that in 2017 over $200 Billion in revenue was generated by selling video game hardware and software. By 2021, this value is expected to reach over $300 Billion.

    Competitive Advantage: 4

    • Ludos will have a decentralized game exchange, a game asset management wallet, a game distribution platform, and a ranking and achievement system within the ecosystem.
    • The project’s multi-sidechain infrastructure will allow for games with high user populations to function on their own sidechain to improve the platform’s scalability.
    • Ludos’ DAICO Protocol will allow game developers to launch ICOs on the platform to generate funding for their games.
    • The platform’s ecosystem will incentive users to participate in social and gameplay activities by rewarding them with tokens.
    • Ludos partnership with FullPay Japan will allow users to use funds that were generated from gameplay in select retail stores in Japan.

    Team: 3.5

    • Team members have relevant experience in technology. Co-founder Joe Meng has experience as a game developer and entrepreneur. He has also developed the top three gaming products on Japan’s app store and has experience as a blockchain consultant.
    • CEO Joy Hao has eight years of experience working in finance, where she focused on banking, trust funds, and investment. Additionally, co-founder Tai Jin has experience in finance working for ZhenFund, where he focused on internet-based and blockchain ventures.
    • Team Members

    • Joy Hoshino (LinkedIn)
    • Tai Jin (LinkedIn)
    • Evan Zhang (LinkedIn)
    • Zoe Zhang (LinkedIn)

    Token Mechanics: 3

    • Ludos has an available MVP.
    • The LUD token will be used as a form of payment on the platform. It will also be rewarded to platform users as a way to incentivize community engagement, and users can use LUD to invest in ICOs launching on the platform.
    • Ludos believes that its PoS mechanism will encourage users to hold the token instead of trading it on exchanges.
    • Token Supply: 10,000,000,000 LUD
    • Token Price: 1 LUD = 0.1 USD

    User Adoption: 3.5

    • The project does a good job of effectively communicating its goals to investors and identifying the benefits of the platform. However, it is not clear how it plans to market itself to facilitate the adoption of the platform.
    • Ludos has a decent list of partners including the likes of Soft Bank, Vlane Capital, and Fullpay Japan.
    • Ludos does not have much buzz surrounding the project. There are about 1500 followers on Twitter, about 3600 followers on Facebook, and almost 11,000 members in the Telegram group.

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