Starts: 11/15/17 Ends: 12/31/17

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A CRYPTONETIX token is a asset issued on the WAVES Platform , you can purchase tokens in the presale on the DEX (Decentralized Exchange) in the Waves Wallet by searching for "CRYPTONETIX/Bitcoin, CRYPTONETIX/ETH, or CRYPTONETIX/WAVES" depending which Cryptocurrendcy you want to use. You will require a deposit of that crypto you which to buy into your WAVES wallet, and a small transaction fee in WAVES

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Aaron Ghadiyali (LinkedIn)
Adam CP Fereiro (LinkedIn)
Diana Rojas Granados (LinkedIn)
Panisa Kuehm (LinkedIn)
Patrick Mitchell (LinkedIn)
Aahliyahna Ghadiyali (LinkedIn)
Patrick Shearon (LinkedIn)
John Fenton (LinkedIn)
Steven Stanley (LinkedIn)
Curt Wehrley (LinkedIn)
Steven Williams (LinkedIn)
Jody Samuels (LinkedIn)

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