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In order to achieve our goal, we’ve developed a CopPay virtual terminal that will be installed free of charge and accept multiple cryptocurrency. CopPay terminals exclude intermediaries between clients and merchants and ensure cross-border use of cryptocurrency. CopPay terminals works with zero transaction fee and allows merchants to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money in real time.

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Team Members

Vladimir Serzhanovich (LinkedIn)
Ichak Kalderon Adizes (LinkedIn)
Ina Samovich (LinkedIn)
Timur Kornienko (LinkedIn)
Pavel Kazachonok (LinkedIn)
Pavel Zametniy (LinkedIn)
Viktor Suzdaltsev (LinkedIn)
Alexey Dubrov (LinkedIn)
Scott Malsbury (LinkedIn)
Rui Dong (LinkedIn)
Elie Galam (LinkedIn)
Jay Best (LinkedIn)
Alexander Ermakovich (LinkedIn)
Arthur Pinchuk (LinkedIn)

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