Future Winners Had Their Best Quarter Yet: Portfolio Q1 2023

Our Future Winners portfolio began in 2021, in response to our readers who wanted an all-crypto portfolio. It is newer than our premiere Blockchain Believers Portfolio, so the portfolio is down overall, though it had a terrific Q1.

This performance took place during a banking crisis that saw institutions like Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank crumble. The crisis seemed to fuel the BTC rally, proving (as we saw in its 2008 introduction) that the currency is a commanding presence when traditional finance fails, though threats remain in agencies like the SEC, which is now attacking top exchanges like Coinbase and Binance.

future winners portfolio performance 3:23

To enjoy crypto rewards while managing risk, Future Winners diversify beyond bitcoin and focus on the future leaders of tomorrow. See our instructions below; it’s never too late to start.

Although our portfolio is down since inception, we had a terrific Q1. An investor who had started on January 1 would have grown by 40% in just three months. Regardless, we are long-term investors and believe this quarter’s performance is ultimately the shape of things to come.

In short, we strongly recommend staying the course. We follow all four of our Future Winners closely, and believe they remain poised to be future winners. Compared to our premiere Blockchain Believers portfolio, this portfolio is still young, so stay calm and HODL on.

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