Moontec 18

Starts: 11/26/18 Ends: 11/27/18

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Tallinn, Estonia

Price: Free

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Established: 2018

Quick Summary

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Grasp inspiration from world’s most succesful entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry, that are seeking enthusiasts to give their advice to. Maybe you’re that one and only inspiration for others and there is only one way to find it out! There’s no limit when it comes to knowledge, especially when we talk about blockchain industry. Define what’s the most concerning topic for you and attend some of our 50+ speaking sessions. Imagine you are a block. Imagine another person on this conference is a block. In order to make the whole system work, you both should connect. Go ahead, network the chain out of this conference!

Louis De Bruin, IBM
Taavi Roivas, Finance Committee of Estonia


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