Forum Blockchain for Business

Starts: 11/22/18 Ends: 11/22/18

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St. Gallen, Switzerland

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Established: 2018

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What is Blockchain and what potential does this technology offer my company? How do I get from the idea to implementing a blockchain application and what do I have to pay attention to? What is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and could my company or project be funded with an ICO? What examples of successful enterprise block-block technology applications already exist? We approach these and other questions together in a practical and practical way at the Forum Blockchain for Business (B4B). Top-class speakers report first-hand on their practical experience and give tips for possible implementation in your company. All lectures are held in German. So much forerun: Blockchain goes much further than cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Co. The technology Blockchain is said to have the potential to fundamentally change society and the economy and thus affects companies in all sectors. During the discussions following the presentations and in the large panel at the end, you can actively contribute your questions, suggestions and inputs. During the day, there are plenty of opportunities to interact with the specialists and other participants.

Prof. Ernesto Turnes, Center for Banking and Finance, FHS St. Gallen
Roger Bigger, co-founder CROWDLI AG, managing owner azemos, Frauenfeld


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