Best Cheap Cryptocurrencies under $1

Cheap cryptocurrencies

Looking for cheap cryptocurrencies for your digital asset portfolio? We have just the thing for you!

We have compiled a list of twelve promising cheap cryptocurrencies under $1 and ranked them according to market capitalization, daily trading volumes, and historical ROI, among other criteria.

CryptocurrencyDescriptionLaunch YearMarket CapDaily Trading Volume3-Year ROI (%)Twitter FollowersScore
XRPRipple is a blockchain network that focuses on low-cost, high-speed payments for the banking sector. The digital currency XRP is used in Ripple's xRapid payment network. 201213,500,000,000400,000,0005,600911,0005
StellarThe Stellar Network is a decentralized blockchain network for digital currency to fiat currency transfers to enable low-cost, high-speed international money transfers.20142,000,000,000115,000,0001,575261,0005
NEMNEM is a blockchain platform that provides services such as payments, messaging, asset making, and naming system. It is one of the leading blockchain networks in Asia.2015500,000,00016,000,00021,150215,0004.5
TezosTezos is a decentralized blockchain network that governs itself by establishing "a true digital commonwealth". 2018260,000,000500,000-839,0002
DogecoinDogecoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency based on a meme that was launched in 2013 as a joke but somehow ended up becoming one of the cryptocurrencies with the highest number of daily transactions.2013245,000,00012,000,0001,085130,0004
NanoNano is a decentralized blockchain network that allows for instant, zero-fee, low latency digital currency transactions.2015120,000,0001,500,0009,70097,6003
ICONICON is a decentralized network that allows different blockchains to interact with one another using smart contracts.2017112,000,0008,000,000115112,0003
ZilliqaZilliqa is a decentralized blockchain platform that has been developed to scale to thousands of transactions per second through the use of sharding.2018180,000,00010,000,00048554,7002
AeternityAeternity is a decentralized blockchain computing platform that enables the creation of smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps).2017100,000,00016,000,0005322,6002.5
BitSharesBitShares is a blockchain-powered, decentralized exchange platform that allows for the easy creation and exchange of digital assets.2014105,000,0006,000,0001,18091,5003
SteemSteemit is a blockchain-powered social media and blogging platform that allows anyone to earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency for posting relevant content and curating quality content through upvoting.2016105,000,0004,500,000-47107,0002.5
SiacoinSiacoin provides a decentralized, low-cost, blockchain-powered cloud storage solution for individuals and businesses. 201595,000,0001,000,00012,850109,0003

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