Top Bitcoin and Crypto Meetups for Atlanta, Rated and Reviewed

atlanta crypto meetups

Atlanta has long been a growing center for technology, and it’s now becoming a hub for blockchain startups. This means a diverse and growing selection of meetup groups are available in Atlanta to help you network with people who share your interests in blockchain technology, digital assets, fintech, and much more.

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Here is a look at the top meetup groups in Atlanta, measured by metrics like number of members, user rating and activity level.

City Meetup Group Number of Members User Rating Activity Level Overall BMJ Score
Atlanta Atlanta BitDevs 4,553 4 5 4.5
Atlanta African American & Minority Cryptocurrency Assoc 2,748 1 4 3
Atlanta Bitcoin Atlanta 2,663 2 4 3
Atlanta Hyperledger Atlanta 876 1 5 2.5
Atlanta African American & Minority Cryptocurrency Association 582 1 4 2
Alpharetta Blockchain Technology Forum 668 1 2 1.5

atlanta bitdevsAtlanta BitDevs

Members: 4,553
Activity Level: Very High

This meetup provides free bitcoin education in Atlanta. They do invite people of all skill levels although discussions are technical in nature. They believe the future of money is decentralized and cover many bitcoin-related topics at their meetups including mining, programming, and the Lightning network. In addition to their free monthly meetups, they offer workshops with a classroom-like setting.

in crypto we trustAfrican American & Minority Cryptocurrency Assoc

Members: 2,748
Activity Level: High

This meetup was created for the purpose of helping minorities learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency with a focus on how it can be used to create generational wealth.

bitcoin atlantaBitcoin Atlanta

Members: 2,663
Activity Level: High

Bitcoin Atlanta wants to continue the discussion that Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper started in October 2008. In addition to discussing Bitcoin, they cover cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and other emerging technologies. They invite those interested in Bitcoin and blockchain to join.

hyperledger atlantaHyperledger Atlanta

Members: 876
Activity Level: Very High

As one of many Hyperledger meetup groups, this group has an informal association with Hyperledger and is a key part of their ecosystem. Participation is open to anyone not only employees of a  Hyperledger member company and Hyperledger developers but also individuals who are passionate about blockchain technology.

african american and minority crypto assocAfrican American & Minority Cryptocurrency Association

Members: 582
Activity Level: High

This meetup helps minorities learn about how to build generational wealth based on the global revolution of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

blockchain tech forumBlockchain Technology Forum

Members: 668
Activity Level: Low

This meetup aims to provide hands-on education on both blockchain and cryptocurrency for interested individuals in Atlanta. They don’t promote any specific cryptocurrencies and are committed to deep-dives into advanced topics. The group has the support of the Georgia Cyber Warfare Range, a group aimed at providing resources to technology professionals.


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