Top Bitcoin and Crypto Meetups for Atlanta, Rated and Reviewed

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Atlanta has long been a growing center for technology, and it’s now becoming a hub for blockchain startups. This means a diverse and growing selection of meetup groups are also available in Atlanta to help you network with people who share your interests in blockchain technology, digital assets, fintech, and much more.

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Here is a look at the top meetup groups in Atlanta, measured by metrics like number of members, user rating and activity level.

CityMeetup Group NameDescriptionNumber of MembersUser RatingActivity LevelOverall BMJ Score
AtlantaThe Atlanta BlockchainThe Atlanta Blockchain (TAB) focuses on educating the community about decentralized crypto technologies. Many new and exciting things are happening in this space, and things are changing quickly, so don't be left behind. The future will be encrypted and decentralized, and this is the time to learn what the heck is going on. This Meetup covers a wide array of topics including Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, decentralized storage, alt-coins, mining, programming, blockchain as a database, general education 101's, and more.

Monthly FREE Meetup with food and drinks provided. Additionally there are focused workshops to help bring people up to speed in a classroom like setting.
AlpharettaBlockchain-Fintech-InvesTech-(Blockchain Technology Forum)BlockchainTechnologyForum is organized to promote the latest IoT, blockchain, FinTech, OTT, InsurTech, and wireless business models, technologies, and startups. Its goal is to assist startups and entrepreneurs, and promote Greater Atlanta as a Global Mobile EcoSystem HUB.678543.3
AtlantaBitcoin AtlantaAt Bitcoin Atlanta, the discussion that started with Satoshi Nakamoto's whitepaper are continued. Through the lens of Satoshi's whitepaper, participants continue to learn about Bitcoin but also other emerging technologies, cryptographic currencies, and blockchains that are doing the work to make Satoshi's vision a reality.

Join the Bitcoin Atlanta meetup group if you're excited about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies and want to hang out with other enthusiasts and professionals who feel the same.
AtlantaAtlanta AI Developers GroupThe goal of the Atlanta AI Tech Talk Group is to congregate with AI enthusiasts from all over Atlanta to learn and practice AI tech, through tech talks, study jams, code labs, etc. They regularly invite tech leads from innovated companies, successful startups to share their practice experiences and practices in the world of AI, cloud, data, blockchain.1618453.3
AtlantaAfrican American & Minority Cryptocurrency AssocThe African American & Minority Cryptocurrency Association was created to help minorities learn about the global revolution of blockchain and cryptocurrency and how we can use it to create true generational wealth in the new economy through intelligent and proprietary investment strategies developed over the the last five years.2,641544
AtlantaAtlanta Bitcoin EmbassyThe Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy is the Greater Atlanta area’s central organizing hub for teaching, training, and networking on the topics of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, cryptoassets, and related blockchain technologies.

The Embassy is dedicated to bringing people in the community into a closer personal relationship with digital currency and serving as a facilitator and platform for this glorious new technology.
AtlantaHyperledger AtlantaHyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration, hosted by The Linux Foundation, including leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing, and technology.

Hyperledger Meetup groups have an informal relationship with Hyperledger, and make up a key part of the Hyperledger ecosystem. Participation in a Hyperledger Meetup group is open to anyone--employees of a Hyperledger member company, Hyperledger contributors and developers, and people just passionate about blockchain technology.
AtlantaGovernment Blockchain Association - Atlanta ChapterGBA-ATL is the Atlanta chapter of a global non-profit association working with local, state, national, and international governments to meet their missions by bringing together public and private sector blockchain and related technologies professionals.

GBA-Global establishes best practices that promote blockchain related solutions by working with governments to help solve challenges and to meet missions to better serve citizens. Members communicate, contribute, and collaborate by joining local chapters and distributed working groups. Working groups give members the chance to work on real-world challenges and produce and deliver current user generated content, such as blogs, presentations, and white papers that are made available to the public and private sector.

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