Best ASIC Miners, Rated and Reviewed

Top three ASIC miners.

The most efficient way to mine digital currencies today is using specialized digital currency mining machines called ASIC miners.

In this guide, you will discover the best ASIC miners that you can use to mine bitcoin and other digital currencies in 2019.

What Are ASIC Miners?

Application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) are computer chips that have been designed for one single activity, which can range from audio processing to digital currency mining.

ASIC miners are specialized digital currency mining machines that have been custom-built exclusively for the purpose of mining. Unlike the majority of CPUs and GPUs, ASIC miners are, therefore, the most efficient and powerful machines bitcoin and altcoin miners can use in their mining operations.

Best ASIC Miners

To compile the following list of best ASIC miners, we have used criteria such as energy consumption (which will determine your electricity fees), price (which determines your initial investment), and hashrate (which measures how powerful the miner is), among other factors.

Items To Be RatedDescriptionLaunch YearEnergy Consumption (In Watts)Noise (in Decibels)Price ($)
Hash Rate (in Terahashes)Score
ASIC Miner 8 Nano 44THDeveloped by a little known technology firm called ASIC Miner, the ASIC Miner 8 Nano is said to be the most powerful rig currently in existence.20182,10047$1,790 444
Innosilicon Terminator T3The T3 is has been developed by Chinese firm, Innosilicon. It is popular becaause of its power but a purchase of three rigs is required to get your hands on this machine. 20192,10075$2,279 433.5
Antminer S15One of the newest models to come out of the Bitmain Labs, the Antminer S15 is a well-rounded rig with a good balance between power, efficiency, and price.20181,60076$1,475 283.5
EBIT E11 ++The EBIT E11 ++ rig is created by Japanese firm Ebang. It is a fairly new model that will ship in April 201920181,98075$2,024 443.5
DragonMint T1From newcomer Halong mining, this SHA 256 mining rig is considered one of the best ASIC miners in the market today. The rig is energy-efficient and can be highly profitable where electricity costs are average or lower.20181,48075$2,729 163
Whatsminer M10The Whatsminer M10 mining rig is developed by Chinese firm Pangolin Miner and combines efficacy with a good price point. It is popular because of its easy-to-use plug and play feature.20182,14575$2,200 333
GMO Miner B3The GMO Miner B3 is a popular mining rig as it is fairly priced and very easy to use. Developed by GMO mining.20183,40075$1,999 333
Antminer S9iCreated by Chinese mining giant Bitmian, the Antminer S9i rig is a popular ASIC miner because it has stood the test of time and provided better utility than most of its predecessors.20181,32076$3,000 143

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