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Connectius can be easily integrated into any existing e-commerce store or any platform. We will provide the budget for technical and marketing expenses to each new partner willing to integrate our solution. Every new joined e-commerce will push Token towards wide adoption. In the end, a whole Ecosystem of dierent types of e-commerces will be formed. Token will be common and could be used everywhere, so Connectius becomes a Token provider.

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Team Members

Aleksey Alimov (LinkedIn)
Vasily Kozlov (LinkedIn)
Aleksey Nosikov (LinkedIn)
Sergey Nosikov (LinkedIn)
Nickolay Evdokimov (LinkedIn)
Sergey Fefilov (LinkedIn)
Vladimir Stark (LinkedIn)
Đ•lena Chumachenko (LinkedIn)
Vladimir Petrov (LinkedIn)
Andrey Opritov (LinkedIn)
Andrey Ursaev (LinkedIn)
Andrey Savin (LinkedIn)

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