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"Zipper will be a simple crypto wallet allowing everyday smartphone users to safely and easily manage their cryptocurrencies, private keys and digital identity. Zipper will enable access to core blockchain-based services such as peer-to-peer financial services, storage, and messaging in an easy and intuitive way - just like Apple’s services on iOS today. However, with Zipper the user retains full control of their identity, transactions and data." Read our full analysis of Zipper ICO here.

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Team Members

Dr. Antti Saarnio (LinkedIn)
Carsten Valdemar Munk (LinkedIn)
Tom Swindell (LinkedIn)
Jason Lam (LinkedIn)
Vincent Cheung (LinkedIn)
Antti Enqvist (LinkedIn)
Marc Dillon (LinkedIn)
Teemu Päivinen (LinkedIn)
Matthew Graham (LinkedIn)

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