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WhenHub's blockchain-based product, called Interface, is a mobile app for connecting to experts on a topic of your choosing. The app facilitates a live video chat with the expert you hire. Payments are processed automatically via smart contracts and WHEN tokens.

The ICO for WHEN tokens runs from March 19 through September 19, 2019.

The Problem and Solution

If you've ever needed expert advice and struggled to find someone who could answer your questions quickly and privately, you are familiar with the problem that WhenHub's Interface app is designed to solve.

Interface allows users to find an expert in a given subject area, hire that expert to talk to them for a certain period of time, and then conduct their conversation via video chat on their mobile phone.

Interface is not the only type of solution in this category. There are a number of other ways to find so-called experts, from searching the Web generically to using a freelancing site for a specific type of expert, like LAWCLERK for lawyers and Doctor on Demand for physicians.

However, Interface is different from most existing solutions in two ways:

  1. It allows payments via cryptocurrency.
  2. Payments are executed via smart contracts.

These features allow Interface to do several things that most similar services cannot:

  • Payments are instantaneous and frictionless. Experts don't have to wait to be paid.
  • Because payments are issued via WHEN tokens, users do not need to share any private information to use the platform.
  • Smart contracts confirm that each party -- the user seeking advice, and the expert who agrees to provide it -- upheld its end of the deal before payment is processed.

It is also worth noting that by integrating an expertise marketplace and video chat solution into a single platform, Interface makes it easy to find and talk to experts quickly. This feature is not blockchain-dependent, but it sets Interface apart from services that allow users to find experts but require them to connect using a separate platform.

WhenHub said on Twitter that as of late May 2018, the Interface app had already been downloaded 30,000 times.

Investors should note that Interface is only one of several products offered by WhenHub. The others do not run on the blockchain, but they are currently working. This shows that WhenHub has a record of creating viable software platforms, at least outside of the blockchain space -- which is a good thing from an investment perspective.

The Team

WhenHub's founders include:

Quin Harker, CEO. Harker has worked previously at several established technology companies, such as Riverbed and Juniper.

Scott Adams, Chief Strategy Officer. Adams is most famous as the creator of the Dilbert cartoon, but he also has several decades of experience in business.

Nik Kalyani, CTO. A computer scientist by training, Kalyani has been involved in technology startups since the dot-com days (or the late 1990s, for those of you too young to remember).

The Token

WHEN tokens play a straightforward role in Interface. They are used to pay for expert consultations.

According to the Interface whitepaper, WHEN tokens can be purchased using credit cards or bitcoin. (It appears that WhenHub is now also allowing token purchase using Ether.)

The Community

The source code for Interface is available on GitHub, which is a good sign. An even better sign is that it appears to remain actively developed, with programmers continuing to commit code.

WhenHub also has a Telegram account for its ICO, as well as a Twitter account that investors can follow.

Next Steps

All in all, WhenHub seems like a promising ICO. The company has a real application with a real use case. The application has real source code. The co-founders are real people with experience in the tech community that stretches back decades.

On balance, we'll note WhenHub's potential weaknesses. The biggest is that there are a fair number of similar services available, as noted above. WhenHub will need to rise above the noise to gain the attention of users seeking expert advice.

It will also need to build a sizeable community of experts, validate them, and deal with a potentially large amount of red tape associated with selling expert services over the Internet. While we're not compliance lawyers, we suspect that a mobile app that offers things like medical advice will raise at least some regulatory flags, even though the idea is not totally new at this point.

That said, we think WhenHub is a pretty promising investment. If you want to park your tokens in an ICO that is as far removed from the land of fraud and vaporware as you can get, WhenHub is as good a place as any to invest.

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How to Invest

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Questions and Answers

What is the cost of one WHEN token?

A WHEN token costs $0.25 or the equivalent in Ether.

Where can I buy WHEN tokens?

Click here to buy WHEN tokens.

When will Interface become available?

The Interface app beta is already available for download via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

How big is WhenHub?

The company has 2-10 employees, according to LinkedIn.

When was WhenHub founded?

WhenHub launched in 2016, according to LinkedIn.

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Team Members

Nik Kalyani (LinkedIn)
Scott Adams (LinkedIn)
Quin Harker (LinkedIn)

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