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Quick Summary

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Sports Ledger aims to become the world’s largest sporting ecosystem, a cutting-edge platform that delivers an immersive experience with global sports and that is built on tiers of technological innovation. The aggregation of sporting statistics could immediately allow users to intuitively and insightfully visualize and interpret global sporting data. Sports Ledger hopes to facilitate the emergence of social sports communities, where fans can engage with clubs, sharing content directly with other fans.


  • Sports Ledger’s platform is designed to facilitate adoption by incentivizing high user engagement.
  • The project’s team has relevant experience in the sports world and with blockchain ventures that could be conducive to their success.
  • The shift toward metric and advanced statistics in sports show that there is a demand for a platform like Sports Ledger.

  • Cons

  • While Sports Ledger’s platform is designed to facilitate adoption and high engagement rates, it is uncertain as to how it will gain its initial users when the platform is released.
  • Advertisers’ and corporations’ ability to reach out to users is dependant on user permission. It is uncertain whether or not many users will opt to allow advertisers to reach out to them.

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    Investment Information:

    • How to invest: For information regarding how to participate in the Sports Ledger token sale, visit their link.
    • Eligibility: US and China are restricted
    • Payment Accepted: ETH
    • Soft Cap: 11,640 ETH; Hard Cap: 194,000 ETH

    Market: 4

    • The size of the Global Sports Industry in 2016 amounted to over $1.3 Trillion.
    • Major sporting bodies and institutions remain steadfast in their outdated approaches to revolutionary technologies and techniques that could drastically improve the sporting world by restoring a key component, reliable transparency.
    • The potential for global user synergy at every level within sports remains somewhat limited, due to legacy systems surrounding every popular sporting industry and the desire and attachment to tradition. As a result, the industry as a whole has been subject to a low level of technological change.
    • Across most major sports, the top clubs at the highest levels have begun to implement and even embed Big Data extraction techniques and next-generation analytics collected via IoT and biometric wearable devices.

    Competitive Advantage: 4

    • The initial core service will include an integration of granular sporting data from 2005−2018, accessible on a single platform via an innovative graphical user interface – a world first for a single point of seamless access – which delivers global sporting data in a visually intuitive and easily understandable way.
    • Predictive models built on Sports Ledgers’ first core service of rich sporting data will then be made available and accessible to users of the platform via predictive output feeds in exchange for SPSL tokens.
    • A digital user-centric online sporting community will be made accessible via the empowerment of digital social sporting interactions, enabling users to share and control their digital data via peer-to-peer systems in a decentralized model. Individuals can monetize their data by making their digital online profile accessible to corporations interested in their digital footprint in exchange for SPSL tokens or choose for their identity to remain private and simply enjoy participation.
    • Sports Ledger will allow sporting professionals using biometric wearable tech to record and better understand their data outputs. Sporting professionals can open their data profile to users of the Sports Ledger platform, and users will be required to exchange SPSL tokens to access this sporting data and information on global sporting superstars.
    • Sports Ledger believes the determining factor for this adoption of potential innovation to take place is the creation of user-centric machine-learning models that can forecast major sporting decisions and understand and utilize predictive models for numerous sporting outcomes.

    Team: 4.5

    • Sports Ledger’s advisors have a plethora of experience within the sports world, in addition to experience with blockchain technology.
    • Sports Ledger team members have great LinkedIn profiles and strong experience relevant to the mission of the project.
    • Sports Ledger CTO Dallas Johnston is the founder and CEO of his own blockchain venture, Credify. This project aims to address the many issues that plague current merchant and service provider rate and review systems, like fraud and manipulation.
    • Co-Founder Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu is a former Premier League athlete and early blockchain investor. He is also the founder of Blockchain Associates & Co., a global blockchain development and consulting firm with a distributed team across Europe, North America and Asia. The firm is focused on supporting and guiding future generational applications using blockchain and smart contract technology.
    • Team Members

    • Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu (LinkedIn)
    • Fabian Kippenberg (LinkedIn)
    • Dallas Johnston (LinkedIn)
    • Marco Quacken (LinkedIn)

    Token Mechanics: 3.5

    • This project does not currently have an MVP available.
    • SPSL tokens will ultimately serve as Sports Ledger’s access key, but also as a means to reward club loyalty and participation through collective engagement within its ecosystem and within the world of sports.
    • Fans will be able to use SPSL tokens to vote for new features for the platform or decisions that the platform participants or a club should make.
    • Token Supply: 250,000,000 SPSL
    • Users have the ability and decision to share their digital identity and online data profile with third-party network channels such as advertising companies, sporting brands and media interested in their personal online data profile,receiving SPSL tokens in return for access to their digital footprint.
    • Users will be rewarded with tokens by other token holders and the Sports Ledger Ecosystem on the basis of the positive impact a creator’s shared content has within the community.

    User Adoption: 3.5

    • Sports Ledger has a solid amount of buzz around the project with 16,000 followers on Twitter, 13,000 followers on Facebook, and almost 26,000 Telegram group members.
    • Sports Ledger’s vision is to ultimately unite sports fans, sports clubs, and advertisers in an ecosystem where all parties can be rewarded for their engagement and participation, thereby benefiting all users. Sports Ledger believes the combined network effect of engaging with this broad range of stakeholder groups across the different core layers of the sporting industry will amplify the impact of everyone’s participation and encourage others to join the action.
    • The platform has been designed to facilitate momentum and adoption through demand and participation in offering enhanced value, quality, and understanding by redefining users’ interactions with sports.

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