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Soundeon – a pioneering decentralized and vertically integrated music platform that covers all aspects of the music industry. From the creation and copyright of a work to contractual resale of both existing and future music assets, to concert organization and ticket sales.


  • Strong MVP (anyone can access) with functionalities that involve the Soundeon Token.
  • Music industry has a vast and ever growing market that has plenty of space for innovation.
  • Incredible buzz surrounding this project. Very user friendly.

  • Cons

  • Spreading themselves too thin instead of focusing on one aspect of the music industry and then expanding.
  • Soundeon has a lack of blockchain expertise on their team. If they want to utilize all the advantages blockchain has to offer, then they must add new talent.

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    How to Invest

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    Then see Soundeon Investment Instructions

    Investment Information:

    • How to invest: In order to participate in the Token Pre-Sale and Token Sale, you will have to register on Soundeon’s Token Sale page, have a digital wallet and provide some personal information required by the KYC process.
    • Discount: 5% bonus
    • Eligibility: Permanent residents and citizens of the United States, Singapore and other countries or territories where transactions with digital tokens are prohibited or restricted are not eligible to participate.
    • Minimum investment of $70 USD.
    • Accept ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH.

    Market: 4

    • Although Soundeon wants to cover all aspects of the music business, their most intriguing solution stems from one of the most pressing issues in the music space. Major agencies and record labels have taken advantage of artists for decades. The artists have no choice but to take microscopic percentages off their sales in order to just get their name out in the industry.
    • Soundeon will have trouble breaking through the traditional record labels and agencies, but their ease of access for independent musicians will lure plenty of artists towards them.
    • Soundeon is obviously entering a massive market valued at around $274 billion with each of its target categories being Ticket Resells ($9.8 billion), Music Copyrights ($24.4 billion), and Live Ticketing ($32 billion).

    Competitive Advantage: 4

    • Soundeon believes one of its attributes that separates it from the competition is its vertically integrated and decentralized platform that will cover all aspects of the music industry rather than a fragmented section of it.
    • Soundeon has filed a non-provisional utility patent with the United States in order to secure rights to its leading-edge approach to resolving media rights management. The Creative Smart Contract™ technology will remain accessible to everyone, and no other company on the market can interfere with this original intention.
    • Artists have full control of their creative output from the very inception to the copyright, distribution, royalty collection and distribution of the intellectual property works as well as event ticketing.

    Team: 3

    • Vadim Kurochkin (CEO) and Vladimir Avdeev (CVO) each founded and served as the CEOs of companies prior to starting Soundeon. Their experience in asset management, along with the accounting/banking experience of their colleagues, speaks volumes as to their morals and overall integrity.
    • Soundeon lacks the blockchain talent/expertise on their core team needed for a project of this size.
    • Ilya Lagutenko is the founder of an award winning rock group. His journey in music has led to over 100 million song downloads, and, more importantly, makes him a valuable asset to the Soundeon project.
    • Team Members

    • Vadim Kurochkin (CEO) (LinkedIn)
    • Vladimir Avdeev (CVO) (LinkedIn)
    • Egor Bushlyakov (CTO) (LinkedIn)

    Token Mechanics: 4.5

    • The Soundeon MVP has been operational since April 2018. It has limited functionality using the Soundeon token. The alpha version can be accessed at the following link.
    • The Soundeon Token is a payment mechanism for services to be rendered on the Soundeon platform. Its primary benefits include reduced transactional fees, streamlined payments, and Soundeon Tokens may be used to incentivize and reward early adopters that add value to the platform through network effects.
    • Token Supply: 1 Billion (No new tokens will be created)

    User Adoption: 4.5

    • Soundeon has partnerships with Bancor, Sum & Substance, V-Rox, and LDJ Capital.
    • Soundeon has quite the resume for their online presence. Their whopping 117,678 Facebook followers is a tremendous accomplishment on its own. Soundon’s project fits squarely in the Facebook demographic, and their huge follower base makes it evident they’ve been active online.
    • Telegram (24,109), Twitter (13,000), Facebook (117,678)
    • Soundeon has been featured on Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, Business Insider, and other lower tier news outlets.

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