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Quick Summary

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Nynja’s mission is to create an ecosystem where employers manage on-demand workforces and workers secure work instantly and reliably, eliminating overhead for all. NYNJA vOS is powered by blockchain technology, storing worker and employer reputations, streamlining cross-border transactions and serving as a means of arbitration resulting in expansion of the overall market.


  • Eliminates HR overhead for businesses and reduces on boarding time for new employees.
  • Anyone can join the labor force and earn NYN tokens without regards to their formal education or work history as long as they pass the qualification tests and test work projects.
  • Nynja’s MVP will be available for beta testing soon. You can register to get early access to the beta at the following link .

  • Cons

  • Project is very ambitious and relies heavily on user adoption. (Nynja hopes to increase their user base from 5 million users to 50 million users from December 2020-December 2021).
  • Nynja wants to work with phone manufacturers to get the application pre installed on phones, which may not sit well with users.

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    Investment Information:

    • How to invest: TBD
    • Discount: TBD
    • Token Price: $0.125 USD
    • Token Supply: Initial Supply: 1.5 Billion NYN, will be reduced to 500 Million NYN
    • Soft Cap: $15 Million USD
    • Hard Cap: $50 Million USD
    • Eligibility: US Residents cannot participate
    • Jurisdiction: Hong Kong
    • Accepted currencies: ETH and BTC

    Market: 4

    • NYNJA will prioritize global distribution to the 18 - 45 year old demographic with an initial focus on emerging markets in Latin America, India, Southeast Asia and Africa.
    • Nynja is looking to target users that are recent grads, college students, agencies, and users of existing platforms. The intended market for this product is the “gig” economy or the freelance economy which is currently worth $1.4 Trillion USD. By 2027 it is estimated that most of the workforce will generate income through freelance work due to increased connectivity.
    • Nynja will be able to increase the size of the overall market because of the increased demand unlocked by improving the time to start and finish the work you need help on right now.

    Competitive Advantage: 4

    • NYNJA’s groundbreaking labor marketplace enables: An elastic, on-demand workforce, intelligent order matching & fulfillment, on-chain settlement with arbitration. NYNJA is offering business process integrations with Salesforce.com.
    • Integrations with existing CRM and ERP systems are powerful features for large organisations using NYNJA to build and manage their flexible workforce.
    • Users can create business process workflows using smart contracts within the platform, essentially mimicking a company’s hierarchy for approval processes and authorizations for payments.
    • Nynja may be able to get the application pre-installed on smartphones through their partnerships with phone manufacturers and telecom companies.

    Team: 3.5

    • Team members have experience in the Telecom industry. CEO has 30 + years experience growing startups and has made over $50 million + in exits.
    • Their marketing director has 12+ years experience delivering marketing initiatives for high-growth startups and Fortune 500 companies across Asia.
    • Advisers have good experience with blockchain solutions.
    • Team Members

    • Alejandro Gramont President & Co-Founder of NYNJA Group (LinkedIn)
    • Salvatore Guerrieri Co-Founder, CEO & Board Member (LinkedIn)
    • Marshall Taplits Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder (LinkedIn)
    • Sergey Ivanov CFO (LinkedIn)
    • Plamen Minev CTO (LinkedIn)

    Token Mechanics: 3.5

    • Nynja is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The token is what incentivizes workers to takes tests that can get them job placements.
    • Nynja’s deflationary monetary policy will presumably support the value of the token. Tokens burned regularly so treasury balance stays at 20% of supply.
    • Only 40% of all Nynja tokens are for sale, the rest of the tokens are distributed among the treasury, community development, and team.

    User Adoption: 3

    • Anyone can join the labor force and earn NYN tokens without regards to their formal education or work history as long as they pass the qualification tests and test work projects. Many users will have access to the application as more people gain access to smartphones.
    • Nynja has a community development token budget that will be used to fund an incubator program to assist creators and developers in the Nynja ecosystem.

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