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I like project's vision Changing the real estate world Our aim is to offer everyone the opportunity to benefit from distressed and undervalued real estate asset opportunities linked to the Blockchain. To be able to do so and enable above-average liquidity of the token, we have designed the entire process in a way that the ELES token will be the only means of payment for all services and properties in our portfolio, and that the token supply will decrease with every transaction. The ELES platform will combine the safety and stability of the real estate sector, the high-profit potential of distressed real estate deals and the transparency of the Blockchain. This will support substantial growth of the token value. and they have already prototype https://prototype.elementsestates.io/

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Quick Summary

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Using blockchain technology, Elements Estates hopes to offer everyone the opportunity to benefit from distressed and undervalued real estate asset opportunities. The platform will act as a transactional hub between a fund and ELES token holders.


  • The Elements Estates team has impressive experience in making successful real estate deals and development.
  • The project’s intended region has a good amount of tourism that could spur interest in rental properties in the project’s portfolio.

  • Cons

  • People may be hesitant to use an altcoin to buy or rent property.
  • The project may incentivize holding the token more than utilizing the token through its intended tokenomics.

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    Investment Information:

    • How to invest: For information on how to participate in the Elements Estates token sale, visit their website.
    • Discount:
    • Price for the first 7 days: $0.45 USD
    • Price for the next 7 days: $0.50 USD
    • Price for the last 7 days: $0.55 USD
    • Eligibility: US, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea, China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia are restricted.
    • Payments Accepted: BTC, ETH, BNB
    • Soft Cap: $2,500,000 USD; Hard Cap: $50,000,000 USD

    Market: 4

    • The Southeastern Europe (SEE) region is regarded as the region with the highest mid-term potential from distressed deals within the EU.
    • With a combined market size of 21 million people, a young workforce, and competitive costs of production, the region has significant untapped investment attraction potential, while the majority of countries are either candidates for accession to the EU (Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania) or potential candidates (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo).
    • Regional GDP growth for 2017 is estimated at 5.5 percent, which is the best performance of the SEE region in eleven years. These trends are projected to continue in coming years.
    • After the global financial crisis, the SEE region has averaged annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 2.3 percent, meaning its growth is stronger than the annual average for the European Union (EU) at 1.2 percent.
    • Croatian tourism is expecting an increase of 15 percent in investment compared to the current year or nearly 40 percent more tourism investment than in 2016.

    Competitive Advantage: 4

    • The Elements Estates team plans to look at properties individually with the aim of extracting the hidden value from the underlying real estate assets, building a sound and stable base for the token value.
    • As the real estate portfolio increases in value, the Fund can place its assets in more projects, which could, in turn, mean more units for sale or rent, ultimately yielding a higher demand for ELES tokens and resulting in significant increase of the value of each token.
    • The platform will display listed reports for projects using an algorithm that takes into account the class of real estate (residential, commercial), phase of development of real estate, location of the property, market attractiveness of the real estate, and required yearly yield.
    • Only ELES token holders will be able to benefit from the properties put on auction by the Fund, buying real estate with a combination of fiat currency and ELES tokens. Transactions will be handled through the execution of smart contracts.
    • Targeted yearly gains of the portfolio will be, on average, between 30-40 percent depending on the real estate class, transaction, market risk, and leverage involved.

    Team: 4.5

    • The Elements team has been involved in an advisory role to US and Western European hedge funds in many of the most important distressed acquisitions in the SEE region in the past few years.
    • The whole project is driven and managed by an experienced team wherein each individual has spent more than 10 years working professionally and personally in fields like financial, real estate (restructuring and development), marketing, and technology.
    • Chairman and founder Peter Gorinšek has 15 years of experience in the financial industry, having been involved in asset management and advisory in many investment management companies in the former Yugoslavia. He is also a member of several supervisory boards in the region and serves as advisor to the Board of Qwest Investments PLC.
    • CEO and Co-founder Žiga Silič has more than 10 years of experience in the financial and real estate industry. For more than seven years, he has been working for the esteemed SEE financial institution Raiffeisen Group and has also served as Managing Director of a leasing company that placed more than EUR 200 mln of assets in real estate.
    • Team Members

    • Peter Gorinšek (LinkedIn)
    • Ziga Silic (LinkedIn)
    • Grega Mulej (LinkedIn)
    • Matej Grum (LinkedIn)
    • Tilen Travnik (LinkedIn)
    • Boris Savic (LinkedIn)
    • Blazka Radoja (LinkedIn)
    • Martin Širok (LinkedIn)
    • Peter Pohar (LinkedIn)
    • Klemen Kastelic (LinkedIn)

    Token Mechanics: 4

    • This project has an MVP available at the following link.
    • ELES tokens are used as payment for all services and properties over the Elements Estates platform. Users will be able to spend their tokens to purchase real estate from the portfolio. Token holders will be able to spend their tokens to rent real estates by sending tokens to corresponding real estate contracts.
    • Every transaction could generate gains in the real estate portfolio and every usage of the ELES tokens will trigger a lock-down of 50 percent of those tokens, which could increase the value of the token.
    • ELES token holders will be able to review summaries on different projects and vote on which projects should be adopted by Elements Estates via the platform.
    • Token Supply: 250,000,000 ELES
    • Through the consultative management of the fund, up to 40 percent of issued ELES tokens will be kept as a liquidity fund. Elements Estates plans to ensure that in peaks of token demand, the project will be able to partially assist with supply of tokens on a market, but only up to 50 percent of the requested amount at market price.

    User Adoption: 3.5

    • There is not that much buzz around the project. The project has over 3,000 followers on Twitter, over 1,000 followers on Instagram, and about 4,000 followers on Facebook.
    • Platform users will be able to monitor each project in the portfolio at various stages of development.
    • The project’s aim is to maximize the growth possibility of the ELES token value through utilization of tokens in real life and to ensure that the entire ELES community benefits.

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