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COTI is a payments transaction network that was built from the ground-up to solve the payments challenges of today. COTI’s ecosystem of applications and services, currently under development, will include consumer wallets, merchant processing tools and a digital currency exchange facility. COTI’s ecosystem will be fueled by its native digital currency, the COTI token (abbreviated as XCT). COTI solutions incorporate the best of traditional payments systems and the best of blockchain technologies, and will offer the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective and most trusted way to pay.

Questions and Answers

How much is 100 COTI coins?

You can get additional information regarding the price of their token here – We did reach out to them and they provided the following comment. “The maximum price of one coin will be 0.1 USD in the public sale. This makes 100 coins worth around 10 dollars.” But you should verify this information on their site.

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Team Members

Nir Gazit (LinkedIn)
Adam R (LinkedIn)
Eyal Wagner (LinkedIn)
James Vopni (LinkedIn)
Blair Hoddinott (LinkedIn)
Alex Khvan (LinkedIn)
Tamar Drachli (LinkedIn)
Maya Adler (LinkedIn)
Neta Salomon (LinkedIn)
Faisal Al-Tameemi (LinkedIn)
David Druska (LinkedIn)
Geoff Strickland (LinkedIn)
Martin Jeffers (LinkedIn)

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