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ChainTrade will move the exchanges of futures and options on food and raw materials (commodity derivatives) to a decentralized blockchain, allowing anyone to participate – small and big players. Fees to traders, buyers and sellers will decrease dramatically. Smart Contracts will replace traditional contracts and cut intermediaries.

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Team Members

Vincent Jacques (LinkedIn)
Laurent Boinot (LinkedIn)
Omar Saadoun (LinkedIn)
Batu Zaya (LinkedIn)
Zo Tahiana (LinkedIn)
Delphin Rakotonindrina (LinkedIn)
Robert Srong (LinkedIn)
Minh Trinh (LinkedIn)
Yannick Robert (LinkedIn)
Philippe Tastevin (LinkedIn)
Pascal Quiry (LinkedIn)
Ethan Pierse (LinkedIn)
Oliver Prock (LinkedIn)
Ugochukwu Ugbor (LinkedIn)
Efthymia Chatzichristou (LinkedIn)
Jeremy Epstein (LinkedIn)
Richard Kastelein (LinkedIn)

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