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"The BlockLicense ecosystem is a decentralized system that enables fair licensing, pricing and distribution of creative content and aims to liberate creators from intermediates. BlockLicense has licensing, pricing and attribution at its very core, by embedding relevant information to the backbone of digital files, without altering their behavior. Transactions within BlockLicense take place through an ecosystem-specific token, namely the License Coin (LCN) that is built on Ethereum and is compatible with smart contracts running on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Distributed file systems and databases are used for information and file storage, querying and retrieval."

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Nikolas Psaroudakis (LinkedIn)
Katerina Stavraki (LinkedIn)
Yiannis Koutsoupas (LinkedIn)
Theodore Moulos (LinkedIn)
Iasonas Kritikos (LinkedIn)
Alex Galinos (LinkedIn)
Konstantina Chardalia (LinkedIn)
Stavraki Sofia (LinkedIn)
Olga Kachramanoglou (LinkedIn)

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