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beepnow is a skill-sharing platform that connects “job seeker” and “job offerer” together, and allows you to execute everything, from offering a job to payment, from your smartphone. Let’s say you want to experience the crazy fashion in Harajuku. Take out your phone, and find a coordinator. Use a GPS function and meet up at a location, do your shopping, and pay them at the end. I'd like to keep pets because I will go on a trip. The official language of the company has become English. So please teach me business English. I would like to visit local spots that local people only know. A wide variety of services can be used. You can receive your reward by taking advantage of your goodness and by providing your service to someone who needs help.

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Team Members

Alex Tsai (LinkedIn)
Adil Haris (LinkedIn)
Mahmood Al-Imam (LinkedIn)
Aries Camitan (LinkedIn)
Shervin Aghdaei (LinkedIn)
Sandeep Kewlani (LinkedIn)
Syazana Izzati Faridon (LinkedIn)

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