How to Buy Stellar in the US

Stellar is in the midst of a series of major changes. First, New York State has approved the exchange itBit to offer Stellar Lumens in the state. Stellar is thought to be preparing its own exchange, SDEX. Finally, Stellar is in talks to acquire blockchain developer startup Chain.

With these developments, it may be a good time to consider Stellar. While Stellar Lumens (XLM) have been struggling along with the rest of the altcoin market, these changes should result in a trend-busting price spike that should offer some relief in this bear market. This article will look at one way American citizens could buy XLM.

Step One: Get a Wallet

For this example, we will assume that you are not a newcomer to altcoin buying. This method will require you to buy your XLM with a major altcoin such as bitcoin, Ether, or Litecoin. This example will also require you to make a buy order on an exchange.

If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with either of these, Bitcoin Market Journal has tutorials and explainers available to bring you up to speed.

  1. The wallet we will be using is the desktop version of Stellar Term. You can download it from This wallet has a web-version, but we recommend the desktop version for security purposes.Screenshot of Github page to download Stellar Term wallet.
  2. Unzip the file and open “StellarTerm.exe.”
  3. Click “Sign Up.” Click on “New Account.”Screenshot of signup screen.
  4. Click “Generate Keypair.”Screenshot of Generate keypair page.
  5. Write down both the public and secret keys. Keep this information safe.Screenshot of public and secret keys.
  6. Click “Account.” Enter the secret key as your password.Signon screen.
  7. Copy the address that comes up. Do not worry about verifying or authorizing your account; you will do this with your first deposit.Copy the address screen.
  8. Minimize the wallet.

Step Two: Get Some XLMs

For this example, we will be using Binance.

  1. Log on to or sign up with login screen.
  2. Read the safety risk notice. Follow the recommendations. Click “I understand. Continue” when ready.
  3. Go to “Exchange” –> “Basic.” Go to “Funds” –> “Deposit.”Top nav screenshot.
  4. You will need to deposit the altcoin you are trading for XLM to your account. Select your depositing coin from the drag-down list. Copy the deposit address and send the coin from your depositing coin’s wallet.Page to select depositing coin type.
  5. Go to “Exchange” –> “Basic.” Select “XLM/BTC” under the pair table on the top-right of the page.Exchange selection screen.
  6. Select the “Market” tab on the “Buy” section. “Market” will buy XLM at the current market price until the purchase is complete even if the price radically changes or if the coins are not immediately available. You can select a limit or a stop-limit buy, as well, if you are familiar with these options. Enter either the number of coins you wish to buy or the percentage of your deposit you wish to trade. Click “Buy XLM.”
  7. Confirm the transaction. Once the transaction is complete, go to “Funds” –> “Withdrawals.” Go to XLM. Enter the XLM wallet address you wrote down from Stellar Term in the XLM Withdrawal Address. Select the number of XLMs you want to withdraw. Click “Submit.” Click on the confirmation link on the email sent to your registered address. Wait for the confirmation and you are done.

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