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Dash, which stands for digital cash, is a digital currency that focuses on payments, speed, and privacy.

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Problem that it solves

Dash provides a solution to two of Bitcoin's biggest problems: transaction speed and privacy.


Merchants that are looking for an alternative digital payment method as well as individuals who want to make fast, private and borderless digital money transactions.

Value creation

Anyone looking for decentralized, high-speed digital payments can benefit from using DASH.

Market structure

The market for Dash is relatively mature, but there is still more potential for adoption as fresh users are attracted to it.

Market size

The size of Dash's market is potentially unlimited.

Regulatory risks

Dash falls under the category privacy coin. Hence, it could face more regulatory scrutiny than many of its peers.

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Competitive Advantage

Technology/blockchain platform

Dash is built on the Bitcoin blockchain and was the first blockchain to implement masternodes.

Lead time advantage

Dash had a decent head start when it began, but the competition has since heated up with players like Monero and ZCash throwing their hats in the ring.

Contacts and networks

Dash has all the access it needs, thanks to a strong track record and its birth via a successful Litecoin fork.

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Management Team

Entrepreneurial Team

The Dash management is currently less-than-stable with some controversy swirling, yet not whipping into a whirlpool, yet.

Industry/technical experience

The team has put in plenty of work and has reaped the rewards.


Dash's founder, Evan Duffield, has gotten largely positive press. Since Duffield stepped down, there have been several controversies.

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Token Mechanics

Token required

As Dash is a digital currency designed for payments, the DASH coin is an integral part of the ecosystem.

Value added

Dash adds value because it has more features than Litecoin and Bitcoin. However, there are several similar projects in market.


Dash is decentralized overall, but a portion of each amount transacted goes towards development, which invites mismanagement of funds. When this has happened, Dash has looked a lot like a regular, wasteful bank.

Token supply

There are currently 7.4 million Dash coins, and the amount is going to cap out at 18 million in the year 2300.

Public exchange

Dash is available on many exchanges. However, as some classify Dash as a privacy coin it has faced exchange delisting due to a privacy coin crackdown in some jurisdictions.


Dash has been up and running and doing well for years.

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User Adoption

Technical difficulty

Dash is very simple. It is a peer-to-peer digital currency network. Additionally, the masternode system is relative easy to understand.

Halo Effect

Dash has been around for a long time and has managed to establish itself as one of the most popular currency tokens in the market.


Dash has done an excellent job of marketing itself and, as a result, continues to be one of the most popular projects in the market. However, it does not have the buzz of Bitcoin or Ethereum, for example.

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Overall Score

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Blockchain Investor Analysis

Dash's simple concept and straightforward objectives make it a strong alternative to some of the other popular digital currencies. After a spike and plummet in 2017, Dash's market value has remained relatively strong. It is viewed by many crypto enthusiasts as a more convenient choice than bitcoin, and this has given the currency strong support.

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