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The Coin (CRO) was launched with the goal of providing a utility token for the company's ecosystem, unlocking benefits for the holders of CRO. The native coin powers the payment settlement network, allowing for free and instant crypto to fiat conversions.

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Problem that it solves seeks to accelerate the world's transition into a fully digital banking system. They've identified a market of people that are underbanked and/or in need of different means of payment. They believe that giving free, decentralized access to digital payments will increase the number of people who can participate in the global economy.

Customers wants to provide financial sovereignty to everyone. They want to make themselves the de facto option for the underbanked and for those who want to take part in the decentralized economy.

Value creation

The app gives users a platform to buy and sell crypto while also providing investment funds, a type of checking account, and access to decentralized forms of currency. The CRO token reduces transaction fees in the ecoystem.

Market structure primarily targets digital currency users, which is a small and growing market. However, the upside potential is substantial.

Market size

Experts estimate that between 15 and 45 million people use digital currency, which means the target market for is well above the $100 million mark. However, the digital asset market remains small in comparison to the global financial system.

Regulatory risks mayrun into regulatory constraints as they attempt to expand their financial service offerings. Their platform revolves around financial sovereignty, which will not come easy in light of today's heavy mandates and restrictions on 'money-based' projects.

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Competitive Advantage

Technology/blockchain platform

The CRO token was built on the Chain to enable cross-asset currency settlement. It functions as a typical utility token, settling block transaction fees, acting as a reward, and incentivizing the use of CRO via minimal fees.

Lead time advantage launched in 2016, years after many of its strongest competitors. However, its growing services offering has the potential to increase its market share going forward.

Contacts and networks requires the collaboration of third parties in order to justify the use of its payment feature. As such, CEO Kris Marszalek has developed business relationships with Samsung, Coinbase, Ledger, Huobi Global, and many more.

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Management Team

Entrepreneurial Team

The CEO, Kris Marszalek, has previously taken two companies from $0 to $100 million in revenue. His team includes former finance professionals and multiple serial entrepreneurs at the executive level. Their success to this point has seen few major obstacles. In fact, the current COVID-19 pandemic has drastically increased's growth as more consumers respond to central banks attempting to stabalize the market.

Industry/technical experience

By blockchain standards, the team have been working on this project for quite some time. The company launched in 2016, maintaining most of its original employees in the process.


The internet is overflowing with Kris Marszalek podcast interviews and he can regularly be found in crypto media. The Crypto-com team has not experience much turnover either, which could indicate solid team chemistry and like-minded values at

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Token Mechanics

Token required

CRO will give users the ability to earn via staking, pay lower fees, and earn cashback when at checkout or after a peer-to-peer transaction with CRO. However, it offers little beyond basic utility features.

Value added

CRO offers additional value inside the ecosystem. It's very similar to other basic utility tokens.

Decentralized has plans to gradually decentralize their platform, but it's the last step in their roadmap.

Token supply

CRO has a circulating supply of 14 billion while the rest of the supply is dispersed into a variety of categories that include Capital Reserve, Network Long-Term Incentives, Ecosystem Grants, Secondary Distribution and Launch Incentives.

Public exchange

Interested parties can find CRO on nearly twenty different exchanges including Bithumb, Bittrex, Huobi Global, and more.


The beta version of's exchange was launched in December of 2019. Mainnet is expected to launch approximately 24 months following the release of CRO, which occurred in late 2018.

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User Adoption

Technical difficulty is user-friendly even for blockchain beginners. However, a certain degree of crypto-savviness is neccessary when you use its ecosystem.

Halo Effect cannot boast the tech giant partners that some other projects have acquired, but they have partnered with Samsung Wallet and Coinbase Wallet. will rely heavily on third party services in the future, so it's crucial that they expand their network sooner rather than later.

Buzz does an excellent job of market itself in industry media and on social networks.

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Blockchain Investor Analysis has set ambitious long-term goals. They want to change the banking system from the ground up by providing the world with an alternative to government money. The market for an all-encompassing crypto payment service is fragmented to say the least, so much of their future hinges on the blockchain adoption rates throughout the next decade. And the value of the CRO token is closely linked to the company's success.

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